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My Story

In 2011, at 37 years old I was inspired to become a therapist having had my own experience of bereavement counselling.  Throughout much of my early life, I experienced significant trauma and adversity, which caused me to struggle with my emotions as an adult.

On the outside I was a high functioning, successful perfectionist, who 'coped' remarkably well with everything life threw at me. On the inside, in private, I was permanently anxious, insecure and fearful of real connection. Eventually, my inner turmoil led me to therapy.

The help I received was life-changing, and one of the most empowering decisions I have ever made.  I began to understand myself and my experiences in ways that gave me 'light-bulb' moments of clarity. The insights I gained around my relationships and my ways of being, enabled me to develop self-compassion, self-acceptance and to create positive changes from within. I learned skills that helped me recognise my resilience and build a balanced, healthier and happier way of life, from the inside out. 

I believe that we are always a work in progress and I will always be committed to continuing my own personal development.

As a result of my lived experience, I am incredibly passionate about helping others and strive to offer others the same depth of compassion, empathy  and understanding shown to me.​​ 


My training and experience 

Since qualifying in 2015, I have worked with adult clients in the following community setting's;

  • Healthbox CIC, Cheshire,- providing therapy to support a wide range of difficulties as a result of redundancy, low self esteem and long term sickness.

  • West Cheshire Bereavement Service,- for over five years I provided Grief Counselling, within a hospice setting, along side my private practice.

The people I supported, naturally brought a range of additional difficulties to therapy which often included; 

  • Anxiety/stress.

  • Anger/frustration.

  • Depression/low mood.

  • Suicidal feelings. 

  • Relationship difficulties.

  • Low confidence/self-esteem.

In private practice I continue to work with clients across a variety of problems and with varying goals.

My special areas of interest are -  

  • Bereavement.

  • Grief and Loss around infertility.

  • Pet Bereavement.

  • Relationship breakdown (including partners and within famiies).

I am passionately committed to continuing professional development and regularly add to my training and skillset. Recent further training includes, Understanding ADHD and Working with Emotional Dysregulation.

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